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 draft aftermath

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draft aftermath Empty
PostSubject: draft aftermath   draft aftermath I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 11:56 am

yo! nothing ever goes as planned in ffb drafts. no diff this year. i went to bed thinking
i did pretty good, but that was exhaustion and alcohol talking to me. i look at my roster
now and can only say 'oh my gud!' pale

the only thing that went right was my first pic. duh! hard to blow that one, but i could
have made it interesting with rogers or somebody. could not passup on MJD in the
2nd and only WR left was AJ who is okay, but he's a texan too so i am really counting on
houston this year, plus he's in the trainers room alot. Neutral

the plan for 3rd and 4th was QB/TE, and had hopes for romo and vdavis...but they were long
gone at that spot. romo being the bigger ???

6-10 i don't remember much. just fill in the blanks at that point or best available. by the
time we got to the break i was pretty on autopilot and after that its all just a very fuzzy,
blurry picture. all those DE's and ILB's and CB's drafted were based on name recognition,
not stats or ranking (in which i had actually put a little effort into but when it down to it, i didnt
even use it.) drunken

anyway, good luck for the last time. from now one we are head 2 head. if you want to chat
about a player or two, send me a word.
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draft aftermath
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